Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Amazon Wednesday cannot help you

I've mentioned before I'm not always certain which books I've featured on Amazon Wednesday and which I haven't. Because I have to hurry out of the apartment tonight to drink Wild Turkey—because a huge snowstorm has given me the night off—I'm not going to search the archives. With that said, let's look at these two waterheaded reh-tards criticizing Dubliners by J.J. Even if I've featured these before, it's worth reading again.

"...every single word has an impact on the meaning of each story as a whole."

Yeah, each word does impact the story. Isn't that a good thing? Would you rather have him fill it with fluff and meaningless words in a meaningless story? I can't even understand what would possess you to write that sentence. You can't be helped. Walk into oncoming traffic.

You know who should be whacked in the genitals? Any moron who spells existence without an "e". If you're going to make an argument against a man who was the quintessential man of letters, at least spell the words correctly. Follow your friend into traffic. Wild Turkey awaits.

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1.0 out of 5 stars No one should read Dubliners, February 22, 2004
By A Customer
This book is so full of crap. It's awful. If you really wanna read it, set aside 15 hours of your time for each story! Criticism is non existant and high school seniors should NOT be made to read this book. Yes, I know all of the stories have some sort of "greater meaning" behind them, but it is so full of detail, every single word has an impact on the meaning of each story as a whole. I recommend that you find another book to read that you will actually enjoy, like Mercedes Lackey. Actually, Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes is a very well-written book and very enjoyable. Much more so than Dubliners.

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1.0 out of 5 stars Complete Rubbish, January 25, 2002
James Joyce is the most unreadable author to ever have been washed into xistance from the womb of Ireland. It is an indication of the non-relevance of education today, that this book is required reading for many of our youths. This novel belongs on the mantle of some poor sod who can't find anything better to do with his time other than perhaps wacking himself repeatedly on the genitals with a blunt object ad infinitum. Beleive me, this book is less painful, but only in that it ENDS. Avoid it at all costs, and punch anyone who recommends it to you square in the gob.


Ben said...

Jesus, he calls Joyce unreadable because of Dubliners?????? It's the entry point to his fiction (so I link to think). This guy's brain will probably melt after a page of Finnegan's Wake.

Kerry said...

I've said it before, but I'm just here to say it again: I love these posts. Having actually read Dubliners (a lot of the others I haven't read... yet), this one is just that much funnier. So... thanks.

And Happy Belated Birthday, Joyce, and Belated Groundhog Day, too, I suppose.